Rope Access in Manchester

Although SAS Ltd deliver cost effective building access solutions throughout the UK, the majority of our work is in the North West of England.

Conveyor Belt Maintenance

Techs repairing a conveyor belt system

Through the summer, a sea port needed to carry out maintenance on its grain conveyor systems. SAS Ltd were on hand to help.

Building Clean Down

Rope access techs cleaning down a building

Although scheduled abseil window cleaning of tall buildings is an important part of what we do we are also often contracted by main construction companies to deliver what is known in the industry as a Building Clean Down.

Rope Access Sign Writing

Rope access sign writing

Sometimes we are called upon for high access work that requires a finer touch, like Rope Access Sign Writing.

Concrete Repairs

Concrete repairs by rope access

SAS Ltd is frequently called upon to deliver rope access concrete repairs. Using IRATA systems for access and work positioning we can usually deliver concrete repairs far more cost effectively than contractors using scaffolding or MEWPs for access.

Liverpool Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning on Liverpool’s high rise buildings can be problematic. Scaffolding is expensive or even impossible.