DCLG Directive High Rise Cladding Inspection

Following the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower in London, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have issued a directive to inspect all high rise cladding on social housing. SAS LTD is proud to be supporting local authorities in a drive to make high rise social housing safer. We are working with housing associations and local authorities to carry out cladding core sampling at various levels on high rise buildings.

We are taking cladding core samples so that the materials can be tested for their fire proof/retardant qualities. Following the cladding testing process we are then making good the damage to panels.

Inspecting cladding and repairing cladding are part of our core business at SAS LTD and we are delighted that we can, in a small way, help make a difference to the safety of high rise housing blocks for the future following the appalling tragedy in North Kensington.