Keeping Tall Buildings Clean

Keeping tall buildings clean presents serious challenges for their owners or agents. The problems often stem from the building design with insufficient consideration given to the challenges and issues relevant to maintaining a tall building. SAS Ltd industrial rope access has saved countless managing agents on tall buildings from incurring huge costs to keep their buildings clean.

The access solution most frequently designed in to tall buildings is to install a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU). This is a mobile access basket attached by two wires to a structure riding on rails fixed to the roof and running around the perimeter. BMU’s vary greatly in design and complexity but their purpose is to allow access to all parts of the building exterior by maintenance personnel who must first do a short training course in using the BMU. The problem is that for a variety of reasons the BMU’s often fall out of service and end up parked on the roof slowly decaying and utterly redundant. Fortunately for the building owners and agents SAS ltd industrial rope access services can save the day.

The large steel girders installed for the BMU’s to glide along make perfect anchor points for SAS Ltd rope access window cleaning teams. A LOLER inspection of the steel beams usually confirms that they are of “unquestionable integrity” for the purpose of using as abseil anchors and the SAS commercial window cleaners can then use them as a highly versatile anchor point to enable the cleaners to place the ropes just where they need them.

Even where SAS Ltd’s rope access teams don’t have large steel girders to work off they have a veritable box of tricks when it comes to rigging their access ropes safely. LOLER rated mobile ballast systems are another frequently used solution. Whatever the choice of safe anchor points the results are always the same; sparkle clean windows and extremely happy building tenants and clients.

As a way to keep tall buildings clean SAS Ltd rope access teams offer a top quality and cost effective solution; safe and fast, highly cost effective and with non of the disruption or security risks associated with scaffolding or large MEWPS (cherry pickers).