SAS cladding team saves the day

During February our SAS cladding team were able to help resolve a problem that was causing a major headache for one of our clients, Eric Wright Construction Plc (EWC).

EWC built St. Peter’s Health Centre in 2005 and in 2006 this state of the art facility opened to the public offering a combination of leisure and primary health care services under one roof. The project was hailed locally as a major success bringing community services together in one location, making cost savings along the way, and reducing the costs and burden on local hospitals by bringing non emergency services into the community.

EWC’s Facilities Management Division were contracted to manage the ongoing maintenance of the facility and by 2016 it was becoming apparent that there were some problems with the external zinc cladding system. On close inspection it was discovered that the cladding installation company had used sub optimal fixings on the zinc cladding panels and so EWC took to immediately remedy the situation by removing panels and replacing the fixings. The only problem was that the works had to be completed without disruption to the Health Centre meaning several of the elevations were impossible to access by traditional means such as MEWP, scaffolding or crane.

Faced with this difficult access problem EWC turned to their preferred industrial rope access provider, SAS Ltd. SAS provided a team of rope access cladding specialists to work with the zinc cladding specialists and remove and replace the defective panels one at a time. The work was delivered on time and in budget without any disruption to the day to day running of the health centre. The end result was a very happy EWC and an end user who barely noticed that works on the building were taking place. Another great win for the application of industrial rope access systems to the construction industry.