Contract Rescue

Rope tech carrying out a rescue

SAS Ltd’s Contract Rescue service provides industry with a contract alternative to meet all safety and site rescue needs. Today’s workforce is ageing whilst safety regulations are increasing and operational costs are rising. It can be costly and cumbersome to train in-house personnel to perform rescue duties, but cost aside, the effectiveness of in-house personnel is questionable. SAS LTD. provides industry with a full contracted rescue service that is tailored to each client’s specific needs. We cover the following scenarios:

Confined Space Rescue

Our confined space rescue teams are made up of our most experienced technicians. We provide rescue coverage for silos, power stations, hazardous tanks or chambers. No matter how hostile the environment, we can assist.

High angle confined space rescue

Need a rescue from a tower crane or other tall structure? Our operatives can help with rescuing personnel from ladders, crane cabs or walkways. We’re also able to rescue casualties who are suspended from a lanyard after a fall.

We also offer the following services:

  • Plant shut down rescue
  • Training of site personnel

Whether during a plant shut down or when the task at hand exceeds your safety training level, our Standby Rescue Coordinators and Rescue Technicians can prepare written risk assessment and rescue plans to keep your employees safe on the job site.

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