ETFE Roof Maintenance


ETFE inflatable roof systems are a modern, architecturally popular and efficient building method that creates light and attractive spaces. As with any built structure, maintenance is essential.

Maintenance is often overlooked with ETFE roof systems which can lead to serious problems that can be dangerous.

An ETFE Roof system is an electrical and mechanical system that relies on many consumable components and a permanent, uninterrupted electrical supply to keep the roof system inflated. One of the main factors that affect the structural integrity of an ETFE roof system is a roof deflation. This can lead to the roof collecting large pools of water and can overload the structure.  If left unchecked, this can result in deflated pillows flapping around in the wind and ripping beyond repair resulting in complete system failure.

Common Faults leading to roof deflations and other faults:

  • Pest Damaged Pillows.
  • UV deterioration of critical components such as Air feed pipework and pressure monitoring components.
  • Electrical components failure (electrical relays, circuit breakers, analog and digital pressure monitoring components, electrical motor failure)
  • Leaking roof (poor installation, roor design, UV deterioration of sealing components)
  • Power cuts (no electrical backup system)

Thankfully, a planned maintenance schedule and other additional measures will help to avoid faults and failures. It is recommended that an ETFE roof system is inspected and serviced every 6 months. Critical consumable parts should be replaced every 12 months as they are relatively inexpensive and will offer complete peace of mind.

SAS are specialists in working at height and have a flawless safety record in this area.

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