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3 Reasons To Use Rope Access For Building Maintenance

Safety is paramount when carrying out maintenance works at height or in hard to reach areas, but you also need to make sure that you carry out the job in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.
Published on 25/05/2023

There’s various options that you can consider and your choice may come down to the type of work you need to do, or the building’s characteristics. But if it’s a fairly routine working at height job, rope access is a method that you should really consider. There’s a lot of benefits available to you, and plenty of auxiliary benefits on top of the main ones too. Here we’re going to look at the top three main reasons why rope access might be the best choice for you. This will help you consider if it’s suitable for your business and help you envisage other residual benefits you could realise too.

It’s the safest option

Safety is the most critical concern when it comes to working at height, so the most important benefit of rope access is that it’s the safest way to work at height compared to traditional methods such as erecting scaffolding or using elevated platforms.

This is down to the level of training rope access technicians undertake, and the fact that there’s no potentially dangerous equipment or temporary structures required. IRATA-member rope access companies also make sure they regularly inspect and maintain their equipment under LOLER guidelines. Plus, technicians/operatives never work alone, adding another level of safety.

Due to the nature of rope access work, technicians can also move around freely making it easier for them to carry out the work and avoid any potentially dangerous access issues. Rope access minimises risk across every aspect of the job.

It costs less

Using traditional access methods to carry out basic maintenance comes with large, unnecessary expense. Rope access is therefore a much more cost-effective alternative.

Equipment needed is minimal, labour costs are low as a result, and there’s no need for any expensive machinery or transportation methods. The speed at which rope access technicians can complete the work drastically reduces your outlay too.

Building maintenance is often a headache, and one that you want to sort out with minimal expense and hassle. That’s when rope access comes into its own.

It’s incredibly versatile

If your maintenance requirements are complex, rope access could be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s versatility makes it perfect for a wide range of maintenance tasks. Simply, rope access technicians can access many places that traditional methods just can’t – or at least without it becoming a large-scale, expensive project.

Rope access can help with a wide range of tasks from repairs to painting, window cleaning and new installations. The versatility of rope access also allows you to tackle multiple maintenance tasks at the same time. Save money and time by getting everything done in a single visit. Rope access helps the businesses in the building too, thanks to the lack of disruption it causes.

We can help

In a nutshell, rope access can keep everyone safe and improve your efficiency as a business. Compared to other methods of working at height, rope access can offer you a lot more. We’re a rope access specialist capable of working on large volumes of projects. We’re IRATA members, so you can be sure we measure up when it comes to safety and expertise. We also pride ourselves on speed of service delivery so we can get your maintenance work completed fast and fuss-free.

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