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Rope access solutions for high access building maintenance

We deliver a full range of solutions for Rope Access work at height in the built environment in Liverpool, Manchester and throughout the UK. This includes commercial window cleaners, repairs, preventative maintenance, installations and inspection. SAS deliver the best high access maintenance services nationwide.

What is rope access?

Rope access is a quick, easy and safe way to access any tall building or structure.

Traditionally, scaffolding would have been used to access high points on buildings. However, it can be much easier, faster and safer to use rope access instead.

Rope access makes it easier to get workers and equipment to a high point on a building with minimal impact on other building work, surrounding areas or the environment.

We use IRATA trained rope access teams to ensure job quality and high safety levels.

By using Specialised Access Solutions, you can ensure that your works can be completed quickly and without disruption.

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