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Using rope access systems, our qualified cladding teams get the job done safely and within budget.

On large scale Cladding projects there are often elements of the work scope that are beyond the reach of MEWPS and other traditional access solutions. Using rope access systems our qualified cladding teams get the job done safely and in budget.

Specialised Access will undertake works required in a fast unobtrusive manner creating minimal impact on surrounding area. Materials can decay as tall buildings age. There is often the need to inspect and maintain the exterior of a building and SAS can deliver this service safely and efficiently. SAS can carry out this projects quickly and with minimal impact on the surrounding areas.

If you require cladding repair on a tall or difficult to access structure, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

IRATA Operating Member

Specialised Access Solutions is proud to be an IRATA Operating Member company. This significant accreditation stands as a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the industry and ensuring the utmost safety of our clients.

Assurance of Quality and Safety

IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, is a globally recognised body that sets the standard for rope access safety and efficiency worldwide. Its rigorous membership criteria demand that all member companies adhere to strict safety standards and work procedures, ensuring clients that they are entrusting their operations to a competent, reliable provider.

All IRATA Operating Members are subjected to regular audits to verify that they continue to meet the stringent safety and operational standards set by the association. These audits scrutinise everything from the safety procedures and training protocols of the company, to the condition and maintenance of the equipment used.

Choosing an IRATA Operating Member

When you choose an IRATA Operating Member like Specialised Access Solutions for your confined space rescue needs, you’re choosing a provider whose safety protocols, equipment, and training programmes are regularly evaluated and approved by a leading industry authority.

This membership provides our clients with the assurance that they are working with a company that prioritises safety and professionalism above all else. It gives them peace of mind knowing that they are partnering with a provider that not only talks about safety but has the accreditations to back it up.

Our IRATA membership is not just a badge we wear with pride, but a promise of quality, safety, and professional service that we deliver to all of our clients.

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