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Dropped Objects Survey

SAS have the capability to deploy rope access teams to undertake a dropped object survey of your premises ensuring that all potential hazards are safely removed and recorded.

Being struck by a falling object at work consistently sits within the top three causes of fatal injuries at work. Loose tools, equipment, inadequate fixings, and materials left at height all pose the potential for a serious incident occurring at your workplace.

Advice on further corrective actions can be delivered and appropriate fall preventative systems installed to existing features and fixtures to eliminate future incidents.

End of Construction Survey

This survey is ideal for the end of lengthy construction projects where there is a risk that contractors may have left behind tools, construction materials, etc. This survey ensures that the entire work site is swept with any hazardous objects removed. On completion of the survey, we can then sign the site off as clear and safe.

Top to Bottom Survey

This is a comprehensive survey of an existing workplace that will identify dropped object hazards and any remedial actions needed.

Open Structure Survey

Ideal for stadiums, factories, warehouses, power stations and other large facilities with open structures.These types of open structures have been proven to be particularly risky when it comes to hazardous objects that have been left behind inside the exposed structure. Our survey will examine the entire structure and remove any hazardous objects.

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