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Tower Crane Rescue

SAS LTD works with Liverpool construction companies to implement Tower Crane Rescue, ensuring peace of mind for operators.
Published on 29/05/2017

SAS LTD works with Liverpool construction companies to implement Tower Crane Rescue to ensure that operators can complete their work safe in the knowledge that should injury or illness befall them they will be rescued quickly.

In the event of injury or illness on a construction site speed is of the essence when it comes to handing the casualty over to the emergency services. Crane Operators work in a unique environment; working alone 50m or more above the ground they are highly vulnerable should they be taken ill, or injure themselves, whilst at work. Working at such height makes it very difficult to hand the casualty over to Paramedics at ground level and risks exposing Paramedics to danger should they try and access the casualty at height.

The standard solution for providing tower crane rescue emergency cover is that the crane manufacturer or hiring company will provide training for some personnel on site. This means that in an emergency the site will be reliant on personnel with one day’s training to rescue a 100KG casualty from 50m or more. SAS LTD believe that this is a big ask for site personnel!!

SAS LTD. know that in the stress of a live rescue scenario it is vitally important that rescuers are so familiar with their rescue systems that they can deliver them almost without thinking. In a dynamic live rescue situation it is all too easy for the situation to made worse by well meaning rescue attempts from personnel who have limited training and even less experience in delivering rescues from height.

Working with construction companies in Liverpool and Manchester SAS Ltd. is supplying emergency rescue cover (Contract Rescue) for crane operators with a guaranteed response time of 30 minutes or less. SAS LTD safely rescue the casualty to ground level so that Paramedics can intervene in complete safety.

By using SAS LTD emergency crane rescue cover clients know that, should there be an incident, their tower crane operators will be rescued to ground level in the minimum time possible by highly trained rope access specialists. SAS LTD rope access rescue teams are highly trained and highly experienced in delivering a wide range of high angle rescues; they can, quite literally, rescue anyone from anywhere at height.

Posted by Neil Roberts